Making Circles – 18

Over Easter vacation in our final year where other kids went on their Spring Break we had a kind of study stacation.

We would meet at a particular room on the campus and go over the work.We might have a few minutes of current events, or a rehash of a program seen on television but we really did study.

This was because we wanted to get into important Masters programs.

Shaun and I really did go to University to get an academic education. I suppose if other people, if another boy and girl were in our positions, they would ‘find’ each other.  There would be dates and kisses and maybe love.

But Shaun never seemed to see me as a woman, and I pretended I didn’t see him as a man.

I lived with my parents and Shaun lived with his.   All ]the years we had known each other, he had never seen my parents, nor had I seen his.  I had never gone to his house, nor had he come to mine.  We would meet on campus and study on campus.

If we were hungry or thirsty or wanted a break we’d go to the canteen or the fast food joint across the street.

And then, we’d wave good bye and he’d walk himself home, and I’d walk myself home.


He never even had the decency to walk me home.


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Written by jaylar