Lake Louise Acrylic Painting & Wood Burn – Time-Lapse Art

Here is my latest piece! “Lake Louise, Banff”. It is a mixed media piece combining pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic paint on a 7.25×11 piece of pine.

This piece was inspired by a photo I took this summer while my wife and I were visiting Banff National Park. This, along with Lake Moraine, might be perhaps the most famous lake in all of Canada and its beautiful turquoise color did not disappoint. 

My process to make these pieces is as follows:

  1. Draw on the lines with pencil
  2. Burn in the lines my wood burning tool
  3. Paint in the spaces
  4. Burn the edges of the wood with a torch
  5. Seal the piece with a clear gloss covering

Or you can watch the time-lapse video above where I show the whole process in about 5 minutes!

The original and prints are available on my website:

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