Knocking on the post of St Peter’s Wall …

Look in your Temple

the only body you can Call

knocking on the post

of St Peter’s Wall

The Wall door is open

but closes real quick

When you poison

your temple with bad fruit

for All

Knocking on the post

Of St Peter’ Wall

It never goes to heaven

but you soul can Call

Knocking on the post

of that gold paved street

that winds up to Meet

the Wall

Sometimes an angel

whispers you have followers

below needing to see you

in your crown of Gold

because your heart is Noble

a lot of love

it will Hold

Knocking on the Post

of St Peter’s Wall

Go down and help

with a loving hand

some lady or Man

Send a piper

or a Wiper of Tears

on Demand

Knocking on the post

of that diamond lined Wall

Hear the people calling

Go back Sing

Golden roads and Walls

have that diamond shine Ring

the Music of the Needy

a special heaven will Bring

Knocking on the road,

the wall and many angels that sing

Your body Temple is so Bright

as the humble never Fight

a Mix of diamonds

on a Ring

Knocking on the Wall

let the jewels and diamonds



What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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