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How to be a Good Writer

As a writer, you should be treated as one among the readers.  You should never give the feeling that you are a stranger. This is because you should be accepted and should not be seen as an impostor at any point of time. Your online presence may be strong. At the same time, you should not overlook an offline presence. Writing articles in the periodicals that your target group read is of value at all times and often pays very well too.

In fact, you need not have to get a lot of articles published in print media to get your online work reviewed. It gets you some good standing to your presence online. The article you write should give your reader a desire to read more from you.  In the end that reader should become your admirer. To come to this situation, you have to initiate the journey in right earnest and hold their interest.

You have to carry out research into this specific niche.  It can be from magazines or from forums. It will present you with the general beliefs or current opinions. You may decide to substantiate the present thinking. However, you can go beyond when you offer your personal opinions. You can put in more details and get your readers thinking.  You can actually make people to sit up and become aware of you and your writings.

However, this may be possible only if a few of your views flutter in spite of existing opinions.  You can also get a little bit of challenging at times. It will help you being spoken about and that’s not often a bad thing. Alternatively, it can be destructive in case you go on an angry outburst for very long. Definitely you may not want your readers to leave you due to boredom.


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