Hip Hop is in Iowa?!

Yes, Virginia!  There is hip-hop in Iowa.  After forty years, the music form of hip-hop has brought to the world what happens in the gritty underbelly of urbanized areas.  This genre is so transcendent that hip-hop has reached the far-flung rural areas of places like Iowa.

The streets are tough.  When desperation sets in due to lack of resources, then some people will resort to desperate measures in order to generate revenue.  Unfortunately, some people resort to transporting and selling drugs throughout both hemispheres.  However, the final results usually end up with either incarceration or death.

As the paper chase continues for wealth, these tales about these neighborhoods have continued on from generation to generation.  Although the message is the same, the format has completely changed as every rapper continues to keep using autotune as a prerequisite.

Nevertheless, as we progress through the 21st century, this style of music will continue to influence what society deems as being cool or hip.  Even between the corn stalks in 2019,  hip-hop is ready to emerge in Iowa.

Earlier this week, we were given a glimpse on how hip-hop is morphing into rural areas.  The new tune “Casino” was released by Iowa-based rapper Cheato (I guess he likes Cheetos).  The whole point of the rap song is to stack as much money as possible to the point that the wealth looks like chips stacked on a casino table.  This type of imagery should allow for Cheato to become one of the upcoming rappers in 2019.  There’s more than corn in Indiana.  Check out the song below by clicking on the link below.

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