Diary of a Simple guy-3




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Next day I woke up

not feeling like anything to do

yawning, then she rang

Would you like to meet?

I said NO have no time.

She said she wanted to meet

only for one hour

I said I did not have a minute.

She hung up.

24 hours stood empty in front of me.

I stretched

thought where should I go.

Searched my pockets

had $35.

I grabbed a sour yogurt tub

and a few semi-sweet cookies

that needed an oven to fresh-but

I was too lazy to do that.

Slipped on my blue denims

and a yellow tee

and a jacket

as it was a bit of shiver

in the sun.

What the hell !

there was not a bus in sight.

I stood the stop for twenty

then there came one,

chugging a bit but making no sound.

Half empty and half filled

I randomly selected a seat

a twosome one.

At next there came someone

I did not notice who was it

as she sank in the side one.

She was a young lass

of teens very pretty

and so fresh

a sweet scent rose up

and entered my nose

and i turned to look

and she beamed

with an open mouth

saying hello.

I also said hello.

Said I am Clara

I said I am Ja…..son

I said it in a very low

as my name meant nothing to anyone

and least to this dashing dame.

She was forthright

and so open and began to


Asking me what I did and why

To all I said as if, she did not matter,

I assumed a bored expression

and avoided her touch

she deepend it all the same

asking me with bright energy

you look sad and so lonely

mostly as I am

why not be together

and spend some time.

I dug in my pocket again

to reassure myself

that I had only $35 to entertain her

she probably read my mind

and opened her purse

to get a lipstick out

and I got a glimpse of a wad

of greenbacks

at least $10000.

She smiled bewtchingly

and locked eyes deep

pressed my upturned arms

and leaned on my shoulders

her warm body pulsated

against mine

and I wondered

what she wanted and why !

To be cntd…………….


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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