Dammit be wise when young otherwise waste life!

Do you like him? Nay, adore him But then do you observe what he likes? If you do then do you attempt to weave harmony between your likes and his; ditto for dislikes. Discord arises in differences of living styles and lifetime milestones aka values and a mat of them called culture. Your minds vary so also their powers one has to be higher other lower probablity for this difference is right near 99% for no couple ever had same IQ; if it did it would be  again disaster for different reasons. Here the question lays and questions lay that have you ever attempted a nearness of thoughts not equality and a scabble that it was yours- gender bend notwithstanding if you did you would not be on streets fighting the alleys like dogs and cats do!

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Before you go about troubling your brain in reading I want you to laugh to full extent.

Check this comedy literature par excellence: AN EXPENSIVE DATE-A LAUGHING RIOT: BY: SHISHIR GUPTAAN EXPENSIVE DATE-A LAUGHING RIOT-Volume I (Volume 1)


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