Confidence trickster- Glimpse into Operation Code Red-Background in organization to Terrible Human Resource Management Practices-2

A very bright confidence trickster

says you are a betrayer

you woke out of our trance

(like a concentrating lizard would to a mosquito who flew away…rofl,lmfao,lol)

and did not allow us

to ‘finish’your career

we were moving so steady

on its path calling ourselves

your well-wishers

(most of the time we were dead sure that we had befooled you so good)

slowly cutting your performance and merit

to less than half

by illegal means

for which,if caught,we might land in prison

so that you could be heaved up by roots

bombarding you with games

which only our group can play

paying for you, taking you to foreign land along,

having companies and political parties

and even your ole family members

having nothing now to pay for you

and transforming you sitting here

(by group mumbo jumbo supreme)

into a bigger official one or two

or even the captain of nation said a few.

some sick jokers acted as big paying industrialists

with their classes showing in villagers’communications

and a life style worth not even a street beggar- all fakes from white collred left, haha pathetic bags!

I smiled and said I am never ever

in any trance and I know you

and your game plan and the

money involved(hidden by you all)behind since very long

I am stuck with reality as a curse

from my very birth

I hate crimes

and a chief looter among you

is my prime target

and yeah for very long

and you were all like

a bunch of ducks

cackling that you are not seen

even as you swam

waters of deceit and intrigue

I have not woken

you simpletons

for your spells were your games

to befoul each other mostly

but I was busy collecting facts

you are now sunk and captured in time

evidences stare at you point blank

time now to get

your pathetic backs on lynch

I am going to fire point blank!

Tribal can go really deception..if left unchecked

Sweet…bravo! keep up the good work

Hahaha smiling sweet faced in front and slowly rubbing knife behind the back on the rope that kept me from falling in a valley thousands of feet down…long live white collared left in pursuit of urban loot….rofl

Some beggar is still trying to pay for me,,not knowing the risk of fact of police getting him for sources of payment and evidence of paying for me.LOL he belongs to some company as well….lmfao

Looking at the face of backstabber my secret I vomit with hate and vengeance….I decide inside to get each one of them ..but they are like locusts in hordes//killing all may not mean much(who would well wish you thus if you kill them all) so best to target leaders and give them sleeps for sometimes to come…with minds at peace and bodies unmoving and still.

Look at Cool Games

Q Why you did not give him any work for 6 months?

A1 I was trying my spells on him.

Q Which spells?

A Too ashamed to say because you would say I am ‘mad’.

Q You were alone in this?

A No, She was also in this with me.

Q Who is She?

A She is the ole woman who says daily HELP ME.

Q And how do you help her?

A Well eerrr she(no errr SHE is a EUNUCH) is on the go and I deep breath till I tire.

Q What happens to your victim of 6 months?

A He stays as ole woman wants; let him also get

Q if he calls authority?

A Ole woman says each in authority would be said HELP ME.

Q Is ole woman not exposed yet?

A She is , that is why we are thinking of running as fast as we can.

Q So you run/give up only when you see STICK-ditto for ole woman yeah.

A She is after all she likes sticks

Q Up her Ass in a prison?

A oh! No show her the hiding now,

Q So basically you are running a EUNUCH show in a Federal Unit?

A LOL not me its her-the EUNUCH.

Even Eunuch is now saying -I am tired and exhausted now!


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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