I am bitter and sad about the clan of my house lizard-my home smells bad and feels obscene

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You promised


I wanted to see you

climb, run and eat

all mosquitoes and cockroaches

you could

but your interests

were not in eating non veg

you wanted your

sex on hedge

thus, all I got was tar

not smeared

on me

but on you

smelling fetid

with your breath

which when near


with of those

with whom

you went

so so far

you crept

on wall

not fearing a fall

till a male of your species

climbed you hard

you broke all

animal morals

do not know

from where

they came


I know of none

you had a set of them

at least one

your guilt

of cohabiting

with many males

who creep like you

and chase you bad

and make you obese

with the weight

of small obscene

white fine eggs-

a dirty lizard

yuk yuk

because you always

look for f..k f..k.

In animals

dad is bed

brother is well lead

third one is breast fed

(despite lizzy your laments

that you have small and to get

bigger uns

you have to visit nearest mall)



that is why

you get

in the middle

so fat

what is the frequency

of laying eggs

looks like

faster than

making an embryo

in species aka human

and you after

the deep breathing fun

sound and look to clever sate dad

all the time looking at other

unavailing males


pointing them singly

chanting “I love you so”


you come and sow

your dad

who had had now



and says

this boy looks good

while other is bad

he has already disowned

you for being pawed & clawed

so dear daughter


it shall be me again

I shall come lunching

later we would

be crunching

you below

me above

well spread!

keep other males on

hood winked tip toe

lest you need

to marry yet!


What do you think?


Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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