Art With Collage, Carrie

Years ago I saw a piece of art by Derek Gores.  He made these awesome sexy women portraits using cut and torn pieces of paper.  I thought that was fascinating.  I’ve done lots of drawing and painting with watercolor and oils but never really tried collage.  After moving from a large home where I had my own studio room to a little apartment where I shared the living room space with my husband (both of us creative), I realized I was going to have to work in an economy of space.  No more spreading out and leaving things up for weeks.  I was going to have to make do.  This collage technique seemed one way to utilize a small desk space as well as keep the carpet free from paint spots, so I decided to try it.  This is one of my first pieces.  The model is my niece Carrie.  I won awards in several shows with this piece before gifting it to my niece.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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