Art Battle Red Deer

Last Friday I was able to participate in Art Battle Red Deer. For those of you who do not know what Art Battle is, it is an international competition in which artists get 20 minutes to paint something in front of a live audience. The top one or two artists from the first two rounds then proceed to the final round in which they will have 20 minutes to paint another piece.

I did not make it through my round but the experience was awesome! Painting is usually something I do alone, or with only my family watching. And I usually (or always) take longer than 20 minutes to paint stuff. The excitement at the event was awesome. It made painting become a social thing instead of something done in private. If you are an artist and are interested in participating in an event like this, head over to to see if there is an event near you and to fill out the application form.

I painted a rendition of a previous painting of mine “Red Oblivion”. I did one practice session the day before the event just to work out any kinks that would make it difficult to finish in 20 minutes. Here is a video compilation I made from my experience at Art Battle.

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