The APPLE that Tried to warn ADAM

The Apple that Tried

to warn Adam

Hung softly on the Tree

Giant red in its Bed

of leaves and wind

humming and SUMMING up

the things it could See

Adam O Adam

the Maker made Thee

to love and Obey

Tell Eve to Stay

Sing to Above

Love and be FREE

Remember that December

is time to Pick

the TREE

Take time to tell

yourself and You

that You are so Beautiful

All the heavens can See

The angels love You

and a simple guy like Me

Follow the Roses

and leave

that Apple Alone

Believe there is  Wisdom

in the tablets of Stone

The apple was BITTEN

and nothing was Right

The maker searched the Garden

a Day and a Night

They had to start over

and Adam learned to Name

The animals and the Roses

and all the new children

learned the lullaby

Adam told at Night

Listen to the Apple

as wise as can Be

and so all the nations

call Adam O Adam

Come sing to ME


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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