An artist or poet climbing to an End

An artist or poet

climbing to an End

Perdon a Mi

the end to the End

The Bard paints his World

with rainbows bright or thin

and now we Begin


A little baby star

in a world far away

skipped around its galaxy

and decided to go and Play

It left home forever

a poets words

are so easy to Say

It became a shooting star

and came to Earth one Day

It flew down through

the burning air

and found a world of words

and a cooling Stage

by Day

and the audience

filled the Seats

and the curtain opened

to the excited applause

of drama night and Day

Shooting stars

may burn out

but the mind is born

with a universe

with tinmen and strawmen

that live on a stage

and not a field of Hay.


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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