A Short Trip to Miami Beach

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Since I have two pages on Facebook, in which I did by accident in the past, I had decided to join Yoworld game on my other Facebook page as well so I can decorate more homes or decorate the same home differently. Bpth my Yoworld avatars tend to look differently because they both end up with different items, clothes, fashions, accessories, and hairstyles. Today, I decided to post a home from my other FB’s Yoworld game, although both avatars have the same or similar homes and the same themes to work with. Both avatars have the same name–Fifi, although I should given each one a different name. But I realized the people on my Yoworld list might be confused, maybe thinking they are both under different people. So, I changed it back to both having the same name.

The latest theme that is now over is the Miami Strip theme. After decorating all my rooms, I realized that there are a lot of animated items in this theme. The story starts at this Miami Strip cafe. I added a portable door that transports visitors inside the cafe, and the second arrow by the steps leads to the upstairs studio apartment. The third arrow on the streets leads to the pier and beach. This Miami Strip home has an 80s theme because the 80s style is popular this season in fashion and accessories.

Let’s now go check out the apartment. The studio apartment is quite cozy, with a cute little balcony for her meals, her laptop by her cozy animal print couch, her computer hacking station with her library, and her cozy round chair with a throw blanket and her loom. On the left side is her kitchen. She has 4 cats and a small dog as well as an animated pink flamingo who is their petsitter. I finally saved up enough yocash to buy this cozy round couch. (I actually wanted to buy one in real life, but when I found one in Target, I realized I don’t have room for it in my place).

The door by the kitchen goes to the master bedroom. This master bedroom looks quite roomy, with a huge shower and washer/dryer. I added a comfy loft space for the cats, and the shelves on the left wall is their staircase.

Back outside at the Miami Strip cafe, we will now enter the cafe…

… through the portable door…

..which transports you or your avatar to the other portable door of the cafe, which is also a nightclub.

The inside of the cafe, which has a restroom for the cafe and nightclub customers. And, the back door leads to the nighclub.

This room is the nightclub.

Back at the Miami Strip, you will now take a walk to the beach via third arrow.

There is so much animated chaos in this room that I didn’t realize my avatar was in the ocean, surrounded by two sharks and a whale.  So, I decided to take another snapshot of this scene…

Now, my avatar is inside the gazebo. while the animate beach ball has bounced in front of the surfer’s face, and the whale has moved to cover the two sharks. Next to the beach and pier is the vendor shopping, where many tourists enjoy shopping.

…and, in front of the vendors is the beach…where there are big waves, sea turtles, and sand castles.


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