10 Exciting Architecture Projects of Educational Institutions

As you know, architecture is a challenging subject. Besides studying hard, you have to dedicate most of your time to finding inspiration for exciting and innovative projects. But drawing up a project is no walk in the park. 

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With that taken care of, you have extra time to study some of the world’s most breathtaking structures. For instance, take a look at the exciting educational projects in the list below. These institutions broke away from the regular, humdrum building designs and dared to play with design.

Bocconi University 

The new Bocconi University building in Milan embodies the porticos and cloisters of Milanese culture. The building’s design resembles old palaces but with a modern twist. In developing it, the architectural firm created various structures, including courtyards. It allows an easy flow of people across the 35,000 square meter site. The buildings are medium in size and easily let in air and natural light. 

Some of the key features of the campus include the following:

  • 300-bed residence hall;
  • a multipurpose center;
  • a park;
  • 50% transparent and 50% opaque insulated walls;
  • a recycling system;
  • solar panels.

Jiangsu Beisha Kindergarten 

The Beisha Kindergarten is a “mini village” tucked away in China’s rural Jiangsu county. The school, designed and built by Crossboundaries on 2,815 square meters, has a student capacity of 300. It consists of several interconnected house-shaped pieces centered around a multifunctional open space. 

From an aerial view, the school resembles a traditional Chinese village. The idea behind the design is to offer children a sense of familiarity by integrating elements of their culture into the architecture. 

NUS School of Design & Environment

NUS School of Design & Environment is a six-story, 8,500-square-metre, net-zero energy building. It’s the first of its kind in Singapore. The six-story building is part of the university’s more extensive redevelopment. It includes 

  • a design studio space of more than 1,500 square meters and multiple public and social spaces; 
  • research centers; 
  • a cafe; 
  • a library; 
  • an open plaza.

Its high efficiency and flexible design portray the school’s mission of promoting it as a center for research. Every room in the building is designed in different sizes to ease exhibitions, school-specific installations, and any necessary future changes. The school relies on natural ventilation and only uses air-conditioning if necessary.

Roskilde Festival Folk High School 

The Roskilde Festival Folk High School was designed to promote educational immersion, which is why it houses both students and teachers. The school sits in a former factory and reuses some of the old structures.

It was designed as a box inside a box, and every box inside the building has its purpose. Some are used for art and dance, while others for reading and writing. According to the architectural firm responsible for Roskilde’s unique design, everything about the school’s structure was made to promote music, art, activism, and freedom.

Rhode Island School of Design Student Success Center 

The Student Success Center is a U-shaped, three-story brick structure that has been revamped with the addition of a new building. The addition is a modern, all-white rectangular building that sits in the open part of the “U.” 

Besides adding flair to the Student Success Center, the building provides a common area for students to lounge in, complete with gender-neutral restrooms and a package pickup center. Adjacent to the mailroom is the auditorium, which has a sweeping ceiling and an acoustic curtain.

The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus 

Seated on 90 years of history on Mt Davis, the project has revitalized the four historic buildings using modern technology. It has resulted in a curvy ribbon profile spanning across the site from north to south. From the south, the building rises above the mountain slope through a 17m column that connects to the north part using a 22m link bridge, which finally lays at the street level.

The newly constructed academic building is designed like a treehouse of knowledge. The columns are tall and slender to emulate tree trunks that grow from the slope beneath, which were strengthened by soil and stabilized by cement.

Cyprus International University Campus 

The campus is located strategically, overlooking the beautiful views of the mountain range situated in the north and the watercourse in the west. This placement results in a link between natural and urban landscapes. The master plan is focused on giving students a quality experience, and with the location of the campus, it was necessary to include microclimate engineering to achieve this.

Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

The Conference Center encloses a historic walled garden below a glazed roof. The roof is designed to offer a high-level amount of natural light while simultaneously reducing solar energy consumption.

Inside the space sit a 300-seat auditorium, multiple meeting rooms, a restaurant, and student accommodation. The center is a mix of structural, facade, acoustics, lighting, and building engineering.

Vortex-Shaped Glasir College 

Located in the Faroe Islands, overlooking Tórshavn, the sea, and the verdant fells sits Glasir, organized like a vortex. Each level opens up towards the mountainous landscape. Since the site has a steep slope, visitors can access it through a bridge at the main entrance. They then walk up to the circular courtyard, which is large enough to accommodate students and teachers.

The Deakin Law School 

The law school’s design consists of zinc-clad volume housing classrooms, learning centers, and a fluted concrete tower with ancillary spaces. It has five levels of educational spaces, with two of them being reserved for student support and health services. Outside the building is the Wellness Garden, which is lush with native plants and complete with a creek students can sit around.


The Roskilde Festival Folk High School, NUS School of Design and Environment, the vortex-shaped college, and others are some of the most exciting architectural projects in the world. The project class, modernity, and history while still keeping the targeted parties in mind. 


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