Video of Young Choupette

While on Youtube, I noticed an older video of Choupette. She looks smaller than she is now. I think Choupette is currently 7 years old, and this video was published in October 2014, which probably makes her around 2 years old. She does look like a playful baby in this video. She is cute.

Now, I am following a French cat. I am assuming she is probably somewhere in France because that is where Karl Lagerfeld lived and worked. And, he got Choupette from a French male model.

I am interesting now to see her lifestyle now. She is probably in mourning because animals sense things. She probably knows in her own instinctive kitty way.

I remember when I adopted Gumby, who was 7, which is the same age Choupette is now, Gumby was acting very quiet and traumatic. Maybe he felt abandonment issues. When I brought him to my townhouse, he was a little scared, always hiding behind things, because of a new environment. I often talked to him and held him a lot to make him feel comfortable, and he was normal within a week. He started running around, playing with his toys, jumping on furniture, and climbing everything. I finally realized I needed to buy him a tall cat tree because he likes sitting at high places.


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