The On-Location Lizard Photo Shoot

Saturday, June 16, 2018

On Friday evening, I arrived at Canon building at 6 pm, which really isn’t early, but no one was there yet, probably because of Friday rush hour traffic as well as many graduation ceremonies, such as UCI’s ceremony earlier. So, I was walking around, feeling the summer heat, and I suddenly looked down to notice a lizard staring at me. How cute…I decided to do an on-location iPhone photo shoot.

It looked small. So, I decided to play with my iPhone screen to get a close-up snapshot without scaring it away.

In this photo, I could actually see its eyeballs, and it is staring back at me. It also looked like it was posing for me like a ham lizard. It was still for a long time, just staring back. So, I decided to get closer to it in order to get a headshot.

When I got too close, it escaped into the bushes nearby, and that was the end of the photo shoot.

I noticed there are a lot of lizards in the OC area nowadays. I see them by my townhouse, in my neighborhood, at hiking meetups, and other neighboring towns. I hope they are safe.

Canon is located in the Costa Mesa area, which is close by, maybe around four miles from my townhouse.


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