My Love For Fred The Basset Dashuchund

This is my beloved dog Fred.  He is the puppy of my late dog Leelee.  I had taken many photos of my son and Leelee.  There are not any of me and Leelee.

I always wanted a basset hound.  My grandfather had a basset hound when I was growing up.

Fred is the basset hound I always wanted.  He is a sweet old dog.  He likes to sleep on the floor and doesn’t like to be touched much.  But, that has changed since he has come to live with my family.

Fred on a walk

Fred loves it outside.  He would stay out all day if I let him.  I can not keep him outside but he would love it if I did.

Fred Asleep on the Couch

It is not very often that Fred will fall asleep on the couch.  This was after one of his long walks.  When Fred is outside, he turns into a puppy and will run around and over do it sometimes.  He wears himself out.

Fred giving mom a kiss

Fred is my love and this photo, although not great is one of my favorites.

Mommy kissing Fred

Fred is a happy hound.  I love him very much.  He is a lot like Leelee.  He lets me know that a little piece of her is alive in him.

Fred playing

Fred likes to roll around on the floor and act like a puppy.  He is a happy old hound.  I hope you enjoyed my photos of Fred.

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