Birds of a Feather

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

While working on the computer, the TV was on some indie channel, where I was listening to Grease 2 and later Mad About You reruns. I never liked Grease 2 because it was lame, but while listening to the music in the background, a mentioned phrase became stuck in my head for some reason. Someone said “birds of a feather” because I think they were singing that song. I remember that same song was also sung in the first Grease movie. When I was watching the first Mad About You episode, someone mentioned “birds of the feather,” and I thought it was a weird coincidence because the same phrase was mentioned twice in one night on different TV series or movie that I just happened to watch tonight. So, I am taking it as some kind of sign.

Birds of the feather have to do with group of people with the similar ideas, interests, and characteristics tend to hang out with each other. I guess that is similar to my meetup groups, where I tend to hang out with other photographers and people who want to walk/hike outside.

This afternoon, I decided not to go to the gym because I wanted to do stuff around the house. I went upstairs to place a couple of holiday decorations on the windowsill, and I noticed one of the window canopies was falling off. I need to call the association tomorrow morning to fix it.

I went on Adobe Photoshop and added my copyright information on the back cover for my graphic novel. I also decided to add a black border for the back cover.


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