Your Testing is Over! Prophesy from Jesus Christ

You might be waiting upon God to end the testing that you are going through. However, the testing was until this day. All that God wanted to do is to bring you up closer to Him so that you may think of Jesus only.

So many years you have spent without Him and now it is time to spend all your time with Jesus only. So, He was testing your Faith to make you like Him. Now, today, God is telling you that the testing of your Faith is now over.

You have been renewed and once the testing is over, the same type of testing won’t come upon you ever again. So, be of good charm and be happy for the same. Remember that with the testing there is a reward kept for you and that will be seen soon.

God won’t test you more than what you can tolerate. Also, it is not by our good works, it is only by His grace that we have everything that we have in our life. God did not want to make you look like a looser. While the testing was on, you might have felt like a lost one, however, God will rise you up soon in the same field where He made you feel down for a while.

Finances will be on time and will be provided to you henceforth without fail. You will be able to earn and donate for the amazing works and the ministry of God. So, be of good charm and of good faith says the Lord. Until now, whatever you earned finished without any backup for you and that disappointed you the most. You earned with your zeal, but God took it all away. He wanted to exalt you and that is why He wanted to add more faith and holiness to your life.

Now since you are more holy and faithful than you were earlier, and you know what is trusting upon God, you have not failed, but you are victorious. So, God will be celebrating your victory today and now-on-wards. During the time of testing, God has transformed your thorns and your brokenness into a pleasant heart filled with love.

If you have received it in Jesus Name, then, say, “Amen” along with me.

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Written by puregrace

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