Why Are the Angels Humble?

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.James 4:10

Angels are humble and also our Lord Jesus Christ. Even, God our Father is a humble God. Their humbleness is within. It is not poverty, but prosperity. Did you know that only a humble heart can prosper?

The angels are humble because they are also the sons of God in Heaven. Thus, when we receive the spirit of God, we also become humble like God. Hence, we become as humble as the angels are. You will always find angels obeying us and God. Also, we obey God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ when we are humble.

Only a hardened heart cannot obey. Those who obey the Lord are of the Lord and they surely prosper. Their prosperity is not of the world, but through the Lord.

Angels depict that all the heavenly creatures are humble. So, when we receive the Holy Spirit, the first thing it does is to humble are heart and make it receptive towards the word of God.

So, are you receiving the humbleness of God today? Yes? Then let’s say “Amen”.


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Written by puregrace

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