When Does Love Happen In True Sense?

Even after marriage, many couples are not yet in love. However, they keep on compromising all life because they are used to the dependency of the soul.Those who are courageous can get out of the trap of emotions, but then, divorce is never the right solution.

Divorce affects mind and with the broken heart no one can sustain and become stable. Moreover, those who have children have to think twice before divorce. After separation, children hardly spend time together with their parents. At the tender age, they suffer more when they do not see their father and mother together.

So, what to do? Finding another life partner can be a blessing for sure. Many people do not want to separate, but have to go along with the flow. No one likes to break a home, isn’t it?

Love happens truly when the faith is not shaken. Whether that love is for your spouse, your job, your business and your other relationships. Also, when we love God without shaking our faith on Him, we love Him truly.

The reason that God can love us truly and unconditionally is that His love is not shaken and He keeps on trusting Himself and His trust upon us is inevitable. When God loves us and when He puts His trust upon us, we cannot run away from it, we cannot avoid it and we cannot escape when He chases us with His love in His pure heart.

Similarly, true love in our heart for our spouse is inevitable and it happens only when our faith is not shaken. Faith in the love, faith in the God of love and faith in the spouse too. Trusting the family blessings that God has bestowed upon you is also inevitable.

So, if you are receiving this unshakable faith of family blessings in Jesus Name, then, let’s say “Amen”.

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    Is Your Faith Not Shaken and Inevitable?

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