theme of the month – GRADUATION OF APPLICATION

Someone asked me “Why does this look so sad?” Perhaps then I did not know how to answer my sadness anymore. every breeze blowing across the window, the cold of changing seasons is also a sadness, ripples, lake water waves, dark clouds, even the scenery with me brought a sadness to me. endless. People often say “Sad people are never happy?” Through the eyes of a heartbroken person, things like falling down, like putting on a gloomy shirt.

There are stories about a hedgehog, then you’ll know that a hedgehog never wants to harm anyone. You know there are no people who always have a life of their own, they don’t want to interfere with anyone’s life, nor do they want anyone to come into their own lives. they are sensitive to everything, sometimes an injured puppy also makes them feel pity for the whole day. They live in the area of their memories, their moods, their instinct, in the quietest way that they don’t want to draw attention to anyone, nor do they want anyone to interfere in their lives. Then someone will say why not open his heart and take him to the outside world. But then when they look back, they also have their reasons, sometimes because of fear, fear of the outside world, they accidentally get caught in their snail shells, they are afraid of strangers, they stay away from the next world. apart from them they are afraid of being hurt themselves. Like a hairy hedgehog, they are also afraid of hurting themselves, so they always try to create a thorny layer to push others away, as far away from them as possible. They do not want that, they are afraid, then accidentally for a long time, the floor gradually immersed in the guise named lonely.Have you ever thought of strong people? Surely in life you have met strong people, right? People often say “Don’t look at the face and catch the dong” I agree with the same, but in a different sense. I have seen many people who are always happy and full of energy, always giving people a dynamic, energetic atmosphere. many people aimlessly ask: Your life is peaceful, always optimistic and cheerful, you will never be sad “Maybe so, sometimes always happy, cheerful too much and then sad and carried When people don’t know how to cry, their lives are two different worlds, the differences sometimes become painfully sharp. , to the sadness that they no longer know how to share and embrace and gnaw on their own. Then you will see there is a girl heartbreakingly strong. A girl can do everything on her own, she is always strong and resilient, she always helps people, everything, she wants to be able to protect everyone but when she comes back Alone by herself, not wanting to ask anyone, she is afraid of bothering others, and she hates having to disturb others.She is strong like that, but sometimes that strong cover sometimes feeling unbelievably weak, they are weak in the mirror, weak to themselves, cry by themselves, see their own pain, comfort themselves, self-support, then Tomorrow, when the new day begins, I stand up again and vigorously continue to struggle with life and life with the pitfalls that will come to me at any time. That is my loneliness.

  • Are you a strong person who can overcome loneliness?

    • Yes
    • No


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