The Power of Reading the Bible

There is an amazing power in the word of God. Yes, indeed it is the word of God that is spoken to us by God Himself. It is not just a book that one should memorize. It is the Word of God that one should live truly.

God has many messages for us and when we do not have the preachers and pastors to give us the message, we always have the Bible for us. The power of the Word of God is supernatural. It is not just the word that is spoken from the mouth of the human. It is a supernatural word that God has spoken.

Word of God has the power of giving us life. It can heal us, it gives us the Holy Spirit and it renews us. So, are you reading the Bible daily for your spiritual food. Bible is the true love of God and nothing has against it. There are no enemies to God and His beautiful word.

Once we go on receiving the word of God truly with a prophetic blessing, we are made beautiful, holy and new. Bible is not just the book of the Christians. It is the book of all those who thirst for the true and the living God. It is not about religion, it is all about living life truly. It is all about loving God truly.

So, have you received this message in Jesus Name? Then, let’s say “Amen”.

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