Stop giving others things they don’t need

When we are hesitant about discarding an item that is much less valuable, we often think of passing it on to a loved one (for example, “Oh, this is a waste of money, it must be given to your children). they will love it ”) and comfort themselves that they are doing good to others and are not wasting it. But the problem is does that person really need the item? Or to simplify our lives that we contribute to disturbing the lives of others? When I say no to free stuff, I also say no to giving my stuff to / giving to others without giving it to them thoroughly. When I buy gifts for everyone on holidays or on trips, I try to choose items that can be used immediately (for example, toothpaste, shower gel) or the specific things that I’m going to give away (e.g. for example, specialized books, drugs). For everyone intending to give me gifts, I also try to send this message, looking forward to getting the used-up items or items I really need. Ever since I shared with everyone about the new way of life, Joe and I began to receive more simple and meaningful gifts, rather than just material things as before. The last birthday gift Joe gave me was a set of tickets to see a show the singers both liked and we went to see one month later. This is one of my best memories of this year.

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