Simple happiness

I think part of the reason why we spend so much time and money on shopping is because we often feel bored with everyday life, needing to do something to cheer us up. For many people, shopping, eating restaurants, traveling … things that often come with spending money, are fun, even the only pleasure. When Joe and I moved from Philadelphia to State College, we constantly complained about how big we remembered living in the city. We don’t stop thinking about how much happier we would be if we were in a big city now, regularly visiting newly opened restaurants, and shopping at expensive shopping malls. That is why the first year at State College, we travel a lot to change our “normal” life. But the truth is, happiness is always in that seemingly dull life. Since living in Minimalism, we no longer feel like going away on every holiday, we begin to save money to spend on meaningful expenses or bigger trips later. . Also when choosing to stay at State College, we realize there are many interesting things in this small city that we have never known before. For example, a few months ago, we “discovered” a beautiful park area just 15 minutes from home. This is an area that we drive every day but never turn into. I still remember when I stood on a wooden bridge in the middle of the park, at the foot of murmuring water, above the rustling trees and chirping birds, I felt very happy, simple, meaningful happiness. that all the money, dresses, travel has never brought before.

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