Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is a celebration of Bavarian beer, the best beer of Munich and even of Germany. Oktoberfest was born 209 years ago, traditionally opening at noon.

On average each festival period, about 6 million liters of beer with 300,000 large meat sausages, 600,000 water chickens and 80 grilled cows are consumed. Last year, 18 cows and 35 calves were butchered.

Only beer from six breweries in Munich was chosen for sale in 14 spacious huts across an area of over two dozen hectares. The female waiters at Oktoberfest are capable of carrying dozens of beers on hand at the same time to meet the needs of the gods as quickly as possible.

Participants in this festival not only enjoy delicious beer but also immerse themselves in a unique music space including singing genres, dance music and many traditional German games. Every year, Oktoberfest attracts millions of tourists from around the world flocking to Munich. The Oktoberfest 2019 beer festival has just ended on October 8.

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