God’s Will Is Mercy Only, No Sacrifice At All- Prophesy from Jesus Christ

But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. Matthew 9:13

Who would want to have mercy and no punishment except Lord Jesus Christ? For He knows the pain of punishment and He wants to deliver us all from that pain of sacrifice. Once Jesus has died on the cross, now He does not want any more sacrifices. It was the one and only one sacrifice for all.

Now mercy has come upon us all. Whoever seeks mercy will have it. There is no one who wants sacrifices, but even then, if anyone of us had to sacrifice for the Lord, then, He will give us blessings in double measures through His ways of blessing us.

If you have not got married yet and your age has crossed the marriage and child bearing stage, even then, God’s mercy is so powerful that you will definitely get married and have children. If you had to sacrifice your finances and your business for the sake of the Lord, then, God will surely restore it amazingly by the power of His pure mercy.

For all those abuse and rejections that you had to go through for loving the Lord, you will get double measured love and compassion from the people whom God will ordain for loving us. For every slap that you had to bear, God will reward with abundant hug of the beloved ones.

He knows what you have gone through and He does not need an explanation. Even you might have forgotten, but He remembers and His angels too. All the time you worked hard and it all failed for the sake of Jesus name. But now since God has put forward His proposal of mercy only, nothing shall come against you. No illness, no sacrifice and no destruction too. All your beloved ones, your parents and your siblings are safe in the hands of the Lord and they all are recovering and coming closer to God.

The blessings that God has for you are immeasurable. You cannot measure them, list them or even memorize them. They are bountiful blessings. He knows what you had to give up for His name sake and He also knows what you have gone through while giving up. Even then, for His name sake, you sustained in His blessings and called Him your Lord. You remained faithful all the time loving Him unconditionally. You loved Him even in your most empty moment without even a single complaint.

Due to all this, your obedience, God is now going to lift you up filled with His mercy and love forever.

Now, received these blessings in Jesus name and say “Amen”.

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Written by puregrace

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