God’s Love is an Inevitable and Unexpected Gift

God chases us with His heart filled with pure love. He did that to me and He wants to do that to you as well. All that He wants us to obey Him in His amazing love, compassion and fruitfulness.

Yes, God’s love is fruitful. When Jesus loves us truly, He comes along with amazing fruits and gifts. So, whenever you find that Jesus is chasing you, then, it is the Santa time where you will find amazing and lovable things of happiness happening with you.

Unexpectedly, the joy of the Lord will fill you up. Those crying eyes would smile with happiness and the joy of the Lord will be filled in your heart too. When things happen this way, Jesus is dwelling within you. When gratitude increases within you, Jesus is residing within your heart. This is all an inevitable and fruitful gift from God our Father.

If you have received the inevitable and fruitful love of Jesus, then, let’s say “Amen”.

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