Are You Dwelling in His “ONE LOVE”?

God’s love is the only “ONE LOVE” that exists on the earth, otherwise, we see everything partial and divided. It is the unity with God our Father that makes us as whole and we are fulfilled in His unity. We are ONE LOVE only when we have the Faithfulness and the spirit of God.

Recently, one of my friend’s said that he had been dating two women at the same time. I asked him to move to ONE LOVE. Later one he took a strong decision and remained faithful to only one woman. It takes courage to dwell in ONE LOVE.

The love that we have within our heart is not limited to spouse or companion. The one and only one love is also applicable when we have ONE GOD and ONE LORD in our heart. There are many gods in the world and many lords too, however, only Jesus Christ is the true and living Lord and God. We all know this, but a few of us deny it due to hardened heart.

So, let the hardened heart move to ONE LOVE and let us all dwell in His peace forever.

If you have received this message in Jesus Name, then, let’s say, “Amen”.

  • Do You Have One Love in Your Heart?

    • Yes
    • No


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