Top Camping Fails: 7 Camping Mistakes You Should Avoid!

There’s nothing better than a good yarn around the campfire, and almost every camper has a couple of embarrassing stories to share. Camping bloopers are always a laugh in hindsight, but they can be very frustrating and uncomfortable at the time. Simple things like forgetting sunscreen or mozzie spray can turn a camping weekend into a nightmare, but the only way to learn is through experience. I find these tips on how to make a cot more comfortable helpful.

Even seasoned campers still make mistakes – it’s the lessons we learn from these mistakes that prevents us from making them again. So, if you’re new to camping and are looking at ways to avoid embarrassment (or you’re just looking for an easy laugh), today we’ll be sharing with you our top camping fails which should be avoided at all costs!

Arriving at the campsite after dark

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is arriving at your campsite after dark. Whether you got stuck in traffic or the kids were late home from school, setting up your tent in the dark is challenging to say the least. You won’t be able to assess the campsite properly, checking for sticks and rocks is difficult, and you’ll likely annoy your neighbours which is never a good start to a weekend getaway.

Failing to check new equipment

Buying a brand new tent with all the bells and whistles is great, but many people assume that all the bits and pieces are there and don’t check before leaving. Getting to your campsite and realising that your tent is missing a few tent poles or has a couple of holed is never fun, especially when it decides to rain that night! Always check new equipment to ensure it’s functioning properly before heading to the campsite.

Forgetting to check the weather forecast

In today’s day and age, it only takes a couple of seconds to check the weather forecast at the campsite which is probably why many people forget! Failing to bring the appropriate clothing and equipment can make for a cold and miserable weekend. You should always prepare for the worst and bring wet weather clothing and equipment just in case.

Not checking pet policies

Driving all the way to your campsite with your four-legged friend only to discover that dogs aren’t allowed is very frustrating! There’s usually a good reason why they aren’t permitted so there’s no point arguing, you’ll just have to stay somewhere else! When you make your reservation, always ask their pet policies along with the closest petrol station and supplies store. You don’t want to be driving an hour everyday just for ice!

Not bringing enough food

Another common mistake is not bringing enough food or having a plan for meals. Being active in the sun all day makes people hungry and thirsty, so always bring more than enough food and water. Someone’s likely to drop their snags in the fire or burn the bacon too so bring plenty of snacks just in case! It’s best to have every meal planned out before you leave home so you can adequately prepare.

Forgetting toilet paper

Most campers have been in the situation where they forgot toilet paper and discovered the campsite doesn’t supply any either. The last thing you want is to rely on nature to supply this amenity for you and your friends! Even when the campsite states they supply toilet paper, always bring your own just in case.

Storing toiletries in your tent

Most campers know that they shouldn’t keep food in their tent to avoid furry friends making a mess. What’s less known is that other products like toothpaste, soap, and other nice smelling items can also attract these critters, so store these products in your car or in your food bag. Not only will they be safe, but you’ll avoid having to clean up the mess.

Regardless of how much experience you have or how well you’ve organised your camping trip, everyone will continue to make silly mistakes when camping – it’s all part of the experience! The most important thing is to enjoy your getaway from the city and have a great time.

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Written by simonhopes