Some of the best travel tips in Barcelona

With tourists coming and going from Barcelona on a daily basis and not enough advice online, I decided to create an article detailing what the best travel tips are from my own experiences in Barcelona which I know will help you in your travels. Barcelona is one of the liveliest cities in the world, rich in history, full of partying and full of exploration.

Here are the tips as promised:

Avoid over friendly people in the streets

It is important to remember that most people are not just going to approach you and be helpful and friendly. Often times these people know you are a tourist who seems lost and are trying to scam you in a few ways. They will often time try to rob you so make sure you always keep track of what is in your pockets and what you keep with you. They will try and get you to a more secluded area and also watch out for touristy streets as you can get pick-pocketed.

Remember to Come Prepared

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit; you will find hundreds if not thousands of tourists standing in lines waiting to get into landmarks and popular destinations that is why it is best for you to book everywhere you want to go to in advance. You will be able to skip through long lines.

Travelling Around Barcelona

If you want simplicity with traveling then look no further than the Bus Charters, they are all great and highly efficient. You will see that all of the Bus Charter Barcelona will always have 5-star reviews because of how well priced and quick it is. Public transport is great in Barcelona. You can also rent a Bus Charter if you are traveling in a big group for an affordable price.

Try These Unique Foods

Spain is known for its flavorful food which is why you should try their local dishes. We will start out with a meal we have all made at least once but nothing compares to the authentic Catalonia style Paella. It is a world class dish filled with rice and deliciously fresh seafood. Calçot is a local green onion; you will only find it in Catalonia. You will find big street style parties when this onion comes into season. There are countless unique foods to choose from, you should definitely avoid the usual burgers and pizzas and go for the more traditional foods here in Barcelona. There are over 40 markets in Barcelona so it will be quite easy to find local food. A great market to go and see is Santa Caterina.

Back to Basics

Learn the basics of the languages spoken in Barcelona which are Catalanh, either would be fine. People will feel obliged to help you and speak English if they see you are trying with their language. Often times the locals are shy to speak English but if they see you are making an attempt at theirs they will try and speak to you in English. It is a sign of respect.


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