Money Saving Tips for Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Manali being the adventure spot and a place that straight away takes you to the path of heaven is undoubtedly the favorite for many. Every year, place experiences thousands of visitors from fun-filled families to romantic lovebirds to the passionate travelers in search of exploration. Every year people get ready to spend thousands and thousands of money roaming around Manali doing nothing. What if we tell you a few ways on how to save money and that too doing something productive. To help you get the most out of your Kullu Manali Shimla packages, we have come up with a few money saving tips to help you spend less and enjoy the most.

  • Avoid Jams at Rohtang
  • Traveling to Kullu Manali may give you chills in the spine if you don’t plan the tour correctly. Planning isn’t all about arranging conveyance, hotel rooms and return tickets but a lot more. Times like heavy snowfall lead to hectic jams in Rohtang Pass and can trouble you all the way.
  • Save Money on Eating
  • Stopping by in front of some expensive restaurants is a common thing in Manali but, why spend much if you can get that in less. Sidu, the local cuisine of Manali is readily available at a tea shop behind a bus stand in the municipal market. The famous local cuisine is perfect to soothe your taste buds and, at an affordable price.
  • Carry Your Essentials during Winter
  • Manali being the hilly region mostly remains chilled in winters and even on monsoons. At such times it is obvious to carry your winter essentials like woolen cardigans scarf socks caps etc. There is no point in spending money and buying woolens from the markets in Manali. For those who are planning for a trek, try to carry your required essentials.
  • Compare Hotel Prices
  • We all love comfortable stays with equally reliable prices. But, how to ace the perfect hotel hunt remains a mystery. To help you get over the mystery the simplest way is to try by yourself first. Let not trust others and discover by your own how much it will cost to have a room booked. Consider more than 5 hotels and start comparing the prices.
  • Beware of Chingu Sellers
  • For people who are new to the place might get easily attracted to the word and the vendor selling it. They might claim you with the Chingu (a blanket) being warm in winters and, cold in summers but, do not trust them. There are many people who get fooled up ruining their money in the end. Only consider local shops in the market area for shopping.
  • Stay Away from Drugs & Pots
  • According to people, there could be more than 5,000 foreigners hiding at the peaks and being involved in trading of drugs and hashish. To make your Shimla Manali Tour Packages trouble free, stay away from the hippies who are foreigners but appear to be dirty. Talking to such people, who smoke hashish or anything illegal may land you into jail or end up ripping your pocket.


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