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Indian e-visa: A Brief Guide for German Citizens

The bilateral ties between India and Germany has been strong for a long time now. Presently, there are 10,000-20,000 Germans living in India, Chennai, Kolkata, and New- Delhi constituting for most of them.  In the recent present, Germans have a strong presence in India, especially in the mining and heavy engineering sectors. Moreover, many Germans prefer to do business in India be it small-scale business or large scale- business. However, it has been studied that there many Germans who are willing to come to India either for vacationing purposes, to seek employment opportunities or to study but unfortunately, most of them have to face stiff visa application process ultimately leading to visa denial. One of the primary reason also being a language barrier. Taking account of all these details we have come up with a topic that would give a short outline of the Indian e-visa services offered to German citizens.

To apply Indian e-visa online, there are many factors that should be considered. To begin with, e-visa is required by all the foreigners planning to come to India. The validity of e-visa approval letter is up to 120 days from the date of issue. In case it is expired, it would be denied. After you have applied for e-visa, it will be automatically processed and issued electronically if it is granted. An important point to take into consideration is that, once you arrive in India, you need to give your biometrics at the airport in order to get your passport stamped. A point to take into consideration is that the amount of the fee to be paid depends on the type of e-visa you have applied for. Also, once the fee is submitted is non-refundable as it is mainly concerned with the processing of the application and has nothing to with grant or rejection of Indian e-visa. The necessary documents required for German citizens (besides answering a few personal questions) include:

•    Scanned bio page of the document showing the photographs and details (it is required for all kind of visas)

•    Valid passport

•    In case your applying for medical e-visa then you require a copy of a letter from the hospital concerned in India on its letterhead.

•    For the business-related purpose, you would need a copy of the business card

The minimum days required for processing of e-visa for German citizens whether it is normal, urgent or super urgent will be completed within the span of the following days-

•    3 working days for normal service

•    2 working days for urgent service

•    1 working day for super urgent service

Apply for Indian Visa

Following this, it is also important to note that, there are 24 designated airports that accept Indian e-visa and 3 designated seaports. Another area of consideration is that Indian e-visa is a double entry visa with a validity of up to 60 days from the date of arrival, in order to obtain multiple entry visa or visa that is no longer valid should apply for sticker visa.

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