Cool accessories that add comfort to your trip

Packing up for the trip can be extremely challenging, especially if we travel alone. Packing up for such trips is not as important as “packing smart,” and it can save you a lot of time and nerves. In this article, we compiled a compelling list of cool accessories that add comfort to your trip and won’t let you down.

Micro Lazy Luggage

Micro Lazy Luggage is an ideal accessory for traveling with children. It offers an innovative and convenient design that converts from luggage to a mini-vehicle for kids that easily get tired from walking.

Traveling with children is an entirely new experience, especially if they are very young. Toddlers and young children, in particular, usually expect to receive comfort at the highest level, which is not always possible especially if you have to wait for hours at an airport. Safely tucked in the micro lazy luggage seat, your child won’t get too nervous on the wait.

Wine Bag

If you are going for a long-term trip, it’s hardly imaginable without a bottle of good-quality wine. Moreover, if you travel with your family or friends, or want to make a family picnic abroad, portable wine bag is a perfect accessory to preserve it while saving space that the glass bottle would take.

It’s extremely portable, and fancy to carry.Moreover, it’s sufficiently reliable, so you don’t have to worry about spilling the wine and ruining your belongings.

Travel Door Alarm

There’s never enough caution when it comes to visiting different countries and emerging into new cultures. For additional peace of mind, get yourself a portable travel door alarm that will protect your belongings in an Airbnb apartment, or a hotel room that doesn’t come with a safe.

Secret Pocket Infinity Scarf

If pickpockets scare you, secret pocket infinity scarf can be a perfect solution, especially if you visit some cultures where covering your shoulders is necessary, or the country has cold conditions.  According to Flatfy, the pocket scarf is a must-have accessory when traveling, especially when pickpockets lurk around every corner. Comfortably put all your important belongings inside, protecting them that way from all unexpected encounters.

Jacket Gripper

Jacket gripper is alife-saving accessory for those who constantly have to drag their jackets in their arms. For example, you went out, figuring it’s too hot to wear a jacket. If you decide to have some shopping time, dragging your jacket around can be quite annoying.

Make sure to bring your jacket gripper that will effortlessly attach your jacket to your bag, or some other accessory, and let you carry it with you painlessly.

Inflatable Hangers

Most hotels and hostels should be equipped with hangers for your clothes. However, sometimes they might be missing out. To add additional peace of mind, put some inflatable hangers in your travel bag. You never know when you’ll need them.

Depending on your budget, you may find as little as one and up to four hangers in a package. Most of them come with a rotatable hook, ensuring additional comfort in storing your clothes. It’s pretty useful for underwear too.

Nomader Water Bottle

Nomader Water Bottle is trying to solve two problems we encounter when traveling. The first one is being able to drink fresh water no matter where we are and saving more space. Many airline companies don’t offer the possibility of taking your water with you onboard a plane. Nomader Water Bottle can be tucked in your bag until you pass through the airport security. Afterward, all you need to do is to press the water fountain,and your bottle will unfurl itself and be ready for you.

Compressed Towels

Your bulky towels can take a lot of space, and if you travel with a low-cost company, you may worry about exceeding the allowed weight for your luggage. Worrying about the towels is not worth the risk of your hotel not offering them, which is why compressed towels come in handy. They can be as little as a coin and extremely comfortable and soft, specifically designed for traveling.

How does it work? To use the compressed towels, you need to soak the little sponge-looking fabrics into a bowl filled with water for a few minutes,and soon it will transform into a regularly-sized towel. They save a lot of space,and they are not even expensive while being reusable.

Wrapping up

The choice of accessories you’ll use solely depends on destinations you want to reach. Just make sure you use accessories that are reliable and make you feel safe. That said, many portable security cameras can monitor your hotel room and notify you if something unplanned is going on.

What are your must-have accessories that add comfort to your trip? Let us know in the comments!


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Written by Kate