Banni Grasslands Reserve: Strange Dancing Lights

Banni Grasslands Reserve is spread over 3847 kilometers in the Rann Of Kutch in Kutch District of Gujarat state in India. Known for its rich flora & fauna, there is another thing that adds to its claim to fame and that is the ‘Chir Batti’ or ‘ghost lights’.

Locals claim to spot mysterious dancing lights which they call Chir Batti. Chir in the local language means ghost and batti means light. These unexplained lights which occur on dark nights can change their color into red, blue or yellow. They resemble a pear-shaped ball and move very fast and sometimes stop. The lights are as bright as that emitted from mercury lamp and the locals claim that these lights have been around for centuries. These lights are always 2-10 ft above the ground and are seen after 8 pm during dark nights.

Some visitors and soldiers from the Border Security Forces have reported that the lights seemed to follow them. The locals believe that if one follows these lights, then he can be strayed from the road and lose his way in the Rann of Kutch. However scientists discard any paranormal activity and attribute the occurrence of Chir Batti to oxidation of methane from the marshes.


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