8 Must-Have Packing Essentials for Your Trekking Tour

Going on a trek is one of the most exciting travelling experiences. The Himalayas in India has some pretty amazing trekking trails in their vast mountainous landscape. If you’re planning for a trekking expedition, here are a few packing essentials for your trip.

  • Clothing in Layers 

Most of the trekking adventure tours in India are located in the highest altitudes of the Himalayas such as in Uttarakhand or Sikkim. These regions usually have a cool and pleasant climate, with bone-chilling winters. During the summers, days are warm but the nights can be quite cold. Especially, the higher you go, the colder it becomes. For this, trekkers should pack layered clothes like hoodies, jackets, and windcheaters so they can add or remove clothing as per the climate. Other essentials include woolen sweaters, woolen trousers, gloves and socks, raincoats, and more.

  • Trekking Shoes 

Trekking expeditions involve a lot of walking through rough uneven landscapes. Thus, a good pair of trekking shoes is a must-have. Unlike your regular sneakers, trekking shoes are cushioned from the inside so your feet keep warm even in higher altitudes. These shoes are also slightly heavier because they generally have spokes on their soles to provide a better grip while walking on rocky terrains. The perfect pair of trekking shoes makes for a comfortable walking experience with good ankle protection and a firm grip on slippery surfaces. If they are not comfortable enough, and don’t provide suitable support, think about using Protalus shoe insoles. They patented the tri-planar technology to support the foot, and the ankle complex while improving alignment. The shoes are usually waterproof, so trekkers can cross little mountain streams without getting their feet wet.

  • Water Bottle

When packing for adventure tours in India, don’t forget to carry a water bottle for your trekking tour. While trekking, the body becomes dehydrated due to long hours of walking. But due to the cold temperature, trekkers do not often realize when they are sweating. Thus, it is advisable to keep sipping water frequently to avoid any dehydration. Always keep a sturdy water bottle with you and refill it whenever possible from camp sites or natural streams. Do not carry plastic water bottles as it will lead to plastic waste in the mountains.

  • Munching Items

Trekking might be a wonderful experience with scenic views, but it is also exhausting. Making their way through the twists and turns of the mountains, trekkers can lose a fair bit of energy. Trekkers should always carry a couple of munching items with them to keep up their energy levels. You can pack some easy-to-carry food items like dry fruits and nuts, dark chocolate, sugar candies, and energy bars. These foods give you instant energy and don’t take much space in your backpack.

  • Flashlight 

One of the attractions of going on a trek is the chance to be close to nature. While camping under the open sky is very adventurous, it also means spending the night in dark. Keep a flashlight with you on all times. As the sun starts setting, the mountains can become a dark and scary place. Having a torch helps you to find and follow the trekking path.

  • Sun Protection 

Make sure to carry all the essential sun protection items with you when going on adventure tours in India. This includes UV-protected sunglasses, sunblocks, sunscreen lotions, hats and lip balms with SPF ratings. Take all the necessary steps to cover yourself from the harsh UV rays and direct sunlight to prevent any chances of sunburns. Especially when the mountains are covered in snow, the sun rays get reflected back strongly creating a harsh glare. Sunscreens and sunglasses will protect you in such conditions.

  • First-aid Kit 

When going on a trek, always carry a small first-aid kit with yourself to be prepared for emergency situations. The kit should include basic medicines for cold, fever, nausea, antiseptic lotions, bandages and band-aids, creams for burns or bruises, etc. It can be really helpful for you or your fellow trekker.

  • Camera

The Indian Himalayas are a treasure trove of scenic views and beautiful landscapes. These trekking trails boat of wonderful sights like pristine waterfalls, gushing rivers, snow-laden peaks, clear blue skies, deciduous forests, green meadows, and exotic flora and fauna. Do not miss a chance to freeze these memories in a wonderful capture! Make sure you carry your camera with you on these exciting adventures so the memories can be cherished forever.


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Written by Della Moris