UV printing on products

Business souvenirs – it’s a lot of stationery products, household goods, electronics, utensils, things of daily demand with the logos of the company displayed on them. It is also often the products are decorated in the company’s colours. To achieve such an original design you can use UV printing – sophisticated, but time-tested technology.

                                                               How does it work?

So, standard branding of products involves drawing a picture and slogan on a smooth surface. To make the image not plain but also with colour and texture, you can use UV printing technology. This technology of transforming objects can help you in any situation. It is possible to print on key fobs, flash drives, watches, diaries and so on. The image will “lie down” on any material of different texture and size. Also, the accuracy of the application allows to carry out branding of souvenirs of the small sizes, for example, a pocket flash cards.

                                                       Benefits of the ultraviolet printing

First, with the help of UV printing, you can create bright, realistic and expressive pictures. It’s especially important when creating corporate gifts and presents.

Secondly, this type of printing makes it possible to create such images that do not erase with years and will not fade even with regular use of the object.

Thirdly, the speed of ultraviolet printing is so high that in a short period it is possible to produce not only a large panel of staff but also various office supplies in wholesale quantities. It’s is beneficial for any company ordering the branding of souvenirs and corporate accessories.

And, of course, we can’t say that ultraviolet printing on souvenirs and accessories is only one color situation. That means that you can order drawing on the surface of the object of any complexity and colour scale, you can do it here for example. UV souvenir printing allows us to create bold and bright drawings on many objects for business or personal use.



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