The Increasing Demand of Digital Signage in the Retail Sector

Have you ever think why digital signage is playing a pivotal role in the retail industry. What are the reasons? Let’s discuss!!

With the development of technology, a plenty of changes have been seen all over the world. In this digital era, we are experiencing the technology at its best. The e-commerce sites are trending all around. No doubt, the e-commerce is breaking the brick and mortar space, but still, people love to go outside for shopping.

People don’t like to live their lives within the walls of their home and having each and everything at their doorstep. The still love to go out and do shopping, meeting with the other people, for instance, interacting with retail marketers is something which people look forward to this. Also, it’s an unmatchable benefit of watching and handling a product before making a decision whether to buy it or not.

A unique shopping experience is the best strategy for the retailers in getting foot traffic. Here are some of the ways through which retailers can go the extra mile for enhancing the brick and mortar retail shopping experience.

Let’s take a brief look at the following:

Inspire the Customers to Interact 

The retailers can draw the attention of the customers passing through the retail store with digital screens and the video walls as these displays the content in an attractive way. Within the store, the video walls stream live content. Content within the digital signage can also be interactive with customers by making a touchscreen presentation. With this implementation, the customer engagement has become all the easier.

Produce a Wow Factor 

Today, digital signage is installed even in all the retail stores. The innovations like this will surely make the customers – ‘Wow’!!!

Well Designed Content 

A common theme for content makes your brand get recognizable to the customers. This is a theme that shares a brand style and assures that the people recognize your content when broadcasted in a different location.

A theme for your content is a plus point with regards to the customer retention as it is aesthetic and well-designed. In digital signage, you can include quality images as these are more pleasing to the customer’s eyes.

Utilize Beacon Technology

With the utilization of beacon technology, a digital signage approach will increase the customer engagement.  Also, it provides a personalized experience. The two-way communication becomes possible with the customer’s mobile device and digital signage, and this leads to highly targeted promotions. Also, the playback system on the digital signage can be controlled by the customers from their mobile device.

Deliver a Seamless and Smooth Experience 

The customers with the help of way-finding directions can find a way to the store which takes them to the brand which they’re looking out for. Every department at the store has video content out there for its particular brand. Here, the LED display screens advertise different products to the regular customers.

Focus on the Customer Satisfaction 

The customer satisfaction is obvious with a digital signage approach. Since the customer receives some form of value from the digital signage, the customer satisfaction increases. This will not only help in the retention of the existing customers but also attracts the new customers as well.

The Bottom Line 

The digital signage can retain the existing customers and at the same time draw new customers as well. For achieving both of these objectives, digital signage can offer the retailers with good quality content and hence, this will lead to customer engagement.

It can be concluded that retail marketing can be taken to the next level with digital signage. So, every retail store must implement this strategy and see effective results. Share your comments after experiencing this.


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Written by Michal Federed