The Data Consumption

In today’s techno world can you still live without internet, your phone, your gadgets laptops, computers. Everyday world is busy of inventing new application that is being introduce to us every minute, which allows you to play games, surf, call and message all for free, maps which you can use while driving and you won’t be able to lost, even the nearest restaurant now have their own application everything was all been spoon feed to us in just a click there you go, you can have what you need, in just a glimpse, boom! Magic it’s all now in your hands. But are we aware that in every application we download there is corresponding data consumption?  Have we ever wonder why your mobile surf plan was ending up earlier that it suppose to be, which supposedly you still have more time to use  it, that’s  because that in every application downloaded or used is using high data consumption. Is our mobile internet provider disseminating information regarding our mobile data plan?


  • Know your plans and promos to subscribed
  • That includes the amount of data the validity and the bytes it contain
  • Does it have a free or additional inclusion like you can call, sms at the same time using net.
  • Are they going to inform if your mobile data plan was ended.
  • Where can you check if you still have remaining data plan? Asked this to your provider.
  • Is the remaining data plan upon expiry can still be used or can it be added up if you register another same plan?
  • The speed of the plan I choose to register?

We really need to be aware of our subscription rights. It is the responsibility of our data provider to ensure that there is enough information to the users about the content of the data they are using, after all they are paying for it. Consumers should have knowledge that every application used, there is amount of bytes that is consume if we are not mindful about this you will pay extra amount. Mobile apps monitoring  are been very useful nowadays, it becomes part of our life now. We must also teach our younger generation that there is life outside the internet world instead of playing games all day engaged them to some physical activity.


What do you think?

Written by Kathrin David