The Best Smartphone Security Solution You Have Been Looking For

Those who search for the best smartphone security solution realize that it is not all that easy to find the right tool or application. There are countless tools online but only a few of them actually offer the best security solution for your smartphone. If you happen to use your smartphone extensively for your business needs then you should be all the more careful. Data privacy and confidentiality are top concerns for a business user.

Sky ECC takes into consideration the needs of such users. This tool addresses the pitfalls and drawbacks of all the other security solutions available in the industry. It stands out from the rest of the tools in multiple ways. So choose Sky ECC and you will certainly not regret.

Why and how does this security system stand out or differ from the other systems? To start with, one of the biggest problems smartphone users face is data theft with respect to their emails. When you send out an email you do not want it to be intercepted by unintended third parties. To prevent such risks encryption tools are used. However, what is amiss here is that these tools do not encrypt the entire email. When we say the entire email, we also mean the email header. This is one area where ECC Blackberry stands out. Your email headers are also encrypted by the triple layer encryption system of ECC.

If you are wondering what about the other aspects of security? Does ECC cover other areas too? Yes, it does and for example all your chat messages too can be protected from landing unintended recipients. Sky ECC lets you to choose self-destructive message option. When you use this feature, you will be able to set a specific timeline for your messages. Your messages will be destroyed after the specified time from all the locations and the hackers will not be able to steal from the residual server traces.

You will also like the fact that Sky ECC generates the encryption key at the user end. You might wonder what is the significance of this if you are new to these security aspects of smartphone usage. What all the other security tools are doing is to generate these keys at their end and upload it to your server. This puts them in total control of the security keys or access keys. As they have access to this data, they can even sell it to third parties. Sky ECC prevents such challenges by generating the keys at user end. Sky does not even have access to this data and they cannot sell it to third parties.

There are many more advanced features that you could consider for your smartphone security which are available with Sky ECC. This is the best tool available in the industry and you will stay protected with this system. It cannot be penetrated and it has not been penetrated by the hackers so far.


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