Key Features of Industrial 4G Industrial Serial Modems

4G Industrial Serial Modems

4G Industrial Serial Modems supports controlling of industrial M2M devices and distant checking. Data get together over 4G for the real-time administration of electrical metering, irrigation, agriculture, safety, marketing or related applications with the RS-232 serial data connection. So, with RS232 connectivity, TCP/IP and plus SMS modem developed so these can vary. It meets with many legacy submissions or applications. This has simulations with serial to server functionality and TCP Server that can replace CSD Circuit Switch Data (CSD) applications. It gives two modes LAN mode and WAN mode. We can choose one mode on requirements.

Key Features of Industrial 4G Industrial Serial Modems

  • First of all, it supports VPN (virtual private network) client. So, a client can set up a private network.
  • It supports the Austrian version, American version and, the European version
  • It supports Dynamic Domain Name Servers
  • It supports Network Time Protocol to keep check balance on the time
  • It has 2 ports OF RJ45, one is LAN port or WAN port and another one be LAN port
  • It helps in a static routine
  • It has two modes; TCP/UDP one mode is client mode and another mode is server mode
  • Hence, it supports Serial to HyperText Markup Language (HTTP) format

4G Network Coverage all Around the World:

4G Industrial Serial Modems have Pacific’s range 4G/3G models with operating frequencies. Therefore, these frequencies have a range fit for rural, regional and urban installation across Australia and around the world.

Development With Java:

Java gives permission for cool and quick application development. So, these are developed by Java. So, it includes a wide selection of tools, reusable snippet, easy repairs, an established security concept, as well as multi-threading programming.

The Industrial Operating Range to Work:

Look at the requirements of industries, so these 4G serial modems can meet with the industrial requirements. Meanwhile, the requirements have of wireless modules. Furthermore, it let them a function of a varied temperature range and let them make ideal for perplexing M2M applications.

SMS as a Key Feature:

These Modems have a usage of modest SMS messaging. Hence, it gives a progressive management and troubleshooting via SMS and or IP.

Example of 4G Industrial Serial Modems:

USR-G781 is a 4G Serial Data Transmit Unit. USR-G781 gives away from serial to cellular networking resolution. To get the internet database, Industrial serial modem can use USR G781 4G serial Modem.USR-G781 is a serial data transmission unit and an Industrial 4G Modem.


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