Have a Super Yacht? Install an Outdoor Home Cinema!

Having an outdoor cinema is an attractive proposition for those of us in warmer climates, and with the money to do so. It is normal for organizers of outdoor dinner parties and swimming pool events to setup an outdoor cinema to wow their guests. There’s no better solution in our opinion for an outdoor home cinema than C Seed.

The installation of an outdoor home cinema has to be perfect for it to work well. Little room exists for error. Even the slightest mistake during installation could render the outdoor cinema totally ineffective. Its installation revolves around incorporating large displays and high-end surround systems, which is reliant on choosing the equipment which is made of the finest components that are installed correctly.

C Seed’s Solution for Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinema and TV has undergone a complete revolution courtesy of C Seed. With their outdoor cinema technology, you can now install a 201-inch or a 144-inch outdoor TV or cinema to enjoy a truly stunning viewing experience.

What is more, C Seed allows you to rotate your TV for that perfect viewing angle.

The installation of the C Seed works in conjunction with the Crestron Audio Video System that guarantee viewers a wealth of resources, including compatibility with Kaleidescape Movie Servers and Satellite TV.

C Seed guarantees high quality solutions for your outdoor cinema needs, and we at Custom Controls can certainly vouch for that!

Supermarine Option

C Seed offers a Supermarine Option for customers who need to use the technology in their Super Yachts. Installation is possible thanks to the shallower mounting hole. The screen doesn’t rise straight up like you would expect with a periscope. Instead, it does this by hanging up from the deck. This Supermarine Option also ensures that the installation of an outdoor cinema on dry land using C Seed is also possible.

The Supermarine Options have the same size as the normal C Seed solution. The screens are available in both the 144-inch and 201-inch sizes. Users – or installers – can also rotate these Supermarine Options 180 degrees to reduce the impact of glare from the sun, to maximize the quality of the viewing experience. The Supermarine Option version is able to track the position of the sun and rotate the screen as and when the sun hits the screen – incredible! For more information, check out: The C Seed Outdoor Cinema Solution.


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Written by Anne Carter