Essentials for your toolkit

Whether you are a professional or just trying to equip your home for your DIY needs there are certain essentials you need before you start.

Here are some of the best items to kit out your toolkit:


There are lots of different types of handsaws for cutting different things and they are very handy to have in your home.

Look for a universal general-purpose wood saw with medium size teeth (approx.7 teeth per inch). This will be suitable for most jobs and should easily deal with most woods and plastics.

A good saw like this should only cost around 8-10 pounds and will last a long time if you store them correctly.

Wireless drill

One of the most important tools you can have in your home. You will be amazed in how many jobs that a good wireless drill can help you with.

Milwaukee Tools offer a wide range of drills that include many features like keyless chucks, multiple clutch settings, and electronic brakes. These features let the drill be used to mount cable racks to relay racks, sink screws into masonry, or drill studs for running cable.

A cordless drill allows you to get to remote places, even in confined areas it`s easier to move back and forth without the cord strapped to you.

Claw hammer

A good claw hammer s suitable for most hammering jobs. You can buy a lighter or heavier or if required but a 16oz hammer is a good weight for home use.

Make sure you try it in your hand for size, if you are hammering really big nails then a 20ounce would be better.

You can then use the claw side to easily remove nails. A decent claw hammer shouldn’t cost more than £15.

Set of screwdrivers

You’ll need a set of 5 or 6 screwdrivers or you can use an electric screwdriver. They are good quality and come in a handy pack of slotted and cross head for most screw sizes.

If you prefer a classic manual screwdriver then it’s worth spending a bit of cash on them, as the tips on cheap ones tend to wear much more easily.

Voltage & continuity tester

These are really worth getting to make sure you stay safe. They test electrical circuits to check if they are live or safe.

The combined continuity tester is great for checking if fuses and light bulbs are ok. They cost around £30 but are well worth the price.

Set of screwdriver bits

For effortless screwing using your power screwdriver. They are especially handy if your doing lots of screwing (e.g. decking) or removing heavy difficult screws.

They should cost around £10 and try to avoid the cheap ones as the tips tend to get chewed up.

So there you are if you get these essentials items then you will have a versatile toolbox capable of many jobs and should withstand many years of ‘DIY-ing’.


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