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Either Upgrade your Web Development Skills or be ready to die

The fact is that every field is fascinating. But for me, it is website development. As a full-time developer, there is no excuse for me to run away. I have been doing this for quite some time now and to tell you the truth I love it. However, there are some set of habits that helped me to stay on top of my game. Here are some tips that can help you achieve the same.

As a web developer, I started young. I used to work for straight 17 hours. In the start, I thought that I am just wasting my time. But since programming was my passion, so I worked hard on the persistence part.

As the old saying goes ‘Practice makes men perfect’ well this stands true for all the seasons. However, here are some tips that can keep you on top of your game.

Code everyday

This sounds like different advice, but its impact is significant. Malcolm Gladwell said it right ‘If you really want to master something. Do it for 10,000 hours, and you will be in the top 10% of people in your field’ Problem with website developers, these days is that they are not willing to code every day.

They only code when they get a project, which is entirely wrong and kills the thought process in your brain.

An excellent way to get ahead of your competitors is to learn something new every day. Pick out things and devise a solution for it. Work on that solution until you get a result.

Join Communities

There are a lot of web development communities where coders share their secrets. Join them. Place your problems in front of them, and they will happily help you with the solution.

The good thing about being a part of the community is that users will assist with and treat you as part of their family. Which itself is a great feeling, and on the brighter side, you will network with more experienced developers that can teach you years of hard work over a cup of Coffee.

When you join the people, who are already doing what you love, it will create a bond, and they will like to help you out. The main thing to keep in mind is the goal. To know where you want to go is the first step towards success.

You cannot grow if you’re not willing to learn, re-learn, and show a lot of patience. Of course, it will take consistency to deliver. But if you want to succeed in real-time or for the long-haul, it is best advised to work with others. It is better to work in a group of professionals so that

Solve one problem every day

This is mainly the extension of the first point. If you google top web design and development agency, you will see that every agency has a new skillset. This skill set is what makes them apart from all others. You can do the same by learning something new every day. Try to learn new things every single day.

Gone are the times when you learn one thing, and you live your whole life on that one skill. Now if you really want to compete in this world, you need to step up your game. Take that one problem which you feel no one is solving and go for it.

It is not necessary that you solve that problem. You just need to initiate the process and see how things turn out. The aim is to give people a perspective to see things from a different set of eyes.

Take some time and search out some problems that are bugging you or are bugging your friend. Learn out ways to solve that problem. Try different scenarios and know how to solve a problem from a different angle.

To bottle it up. Make sure to learn every day. If you really want to improve yourself. You need to up your game in every direction. You need to go out there and learn every day. This is the only way out if you want to go out there and make a mark for yourself.

To tell is easy, to execute is hard. Even if you’ve read these tips, this doesn’t mean you’ll succeed for sure because more than reading it takes courage and patience to execute. If you’re not willing to work hard, then even these tips won’t do you any good.


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