CenturyLink vs. My Cable Internet, The Result Will Shock You

Over the past years, the cable industry has grown and spread at an exponential rate in the whole world. With each passing day, the cable industry is moving further ahead and accumulating several unique and innovative features thus providing ultimate entertainment solutions to the users Digital utilities hold great importance in the life of today’s generation. In fact, no portable device is of use without the existence of these services. Many services providers offer the top-notch digital facilities, but we have chosen the three best Cable Companies which provide the users with all that they need in budget-friendly pricing.

In this article, you are going to learn about three leading Cable Providers in the US. Each provider offers unique sets of features and services to its customer. Once you go through this article, you will then have a clear insight of the full functionality of the companies.


It is known as the 4th of the largest telecommunication companies in the whole US. With 190,000 fiber route miles, the services reach to most of the states of US. Following are the features of CenturyLink

Features of century link:

•    Great coverage:

CenturyLink provides its services to nearly 39 US states, the most comprehensive package plans by CenturyLink is available in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico

•    TV service:

CenturyLink has partnered with DirecTV and named it as Prism TV. The users having fiber connection can directly stream from the broadband. The DSL users, however, require the installation of DirecTV receiver. Watch more than 315 channels in full HD without paying extra. With DirecTV app, you can access your TV anywhere even if you are not at home

•    DVR service:

With Genie HDR, you can use the HDR facilities on almost every TV set in the house. The DVR records up to 200 hours of content that users can watch any time of the day.

•    Internet

The type of internet connection that CenturyLink provides is DSL connection. The speed is slightly lower than the cable internet and is directly dependent upon the proximity to your home. The highest rate recorded by CenturyLink is 50Mbps. CenturyLink however deliver cable services in a few areas

•    Choice of bundling

The users can choose the services that they want to use and bundle it in one package. The users can avail all three services in as low as $500 per month. Users opting for High-speed internet and digital phone are only required to pay $85 per month. High-speed internet along with DirecTV will cost the users just $80 per month.

•    Phone services:

The phone service provides unlimited local calling along with unique features. Users will not charge for the first 30 minutes of long distance calling. CenturyLink provides high quality calls with no latency and lagging along with secured connection.


•    Low internet speed.

•    No parental control

•    No cable services only DSL and fiber ones available

•    High activation fees

•    A lot of additional charges

•    High pricing

•    Contract fees

Final Verdict:

Do not buy the CenturyLink unless you live in an area where this ISP provides high-speed internet. With pricing and overall customer satisfaction, I do not recommend CenturyLink as its service has a lot of complaints.

My Cable Internet:

My Cable Internet is the authorized retailer of Charter Spectrum. Spectrum is the leading ISP in the USA. Back in 2016 Charter telecommunications bought Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network and merged it both later named it Spectrum. With more than 28 million users, Spectrum is ticking all the right boxes and has captured the sight and attention of many people. The three services include high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and Digital phone.

Features of Spectrum:

•    Say no to contracts:

With Spectrum, you don’t need to sign up for an agreement to subscribe to the service. In fact, the charter is willing to buy your old contracts by paying the termination fees of your old provider up to $500.

•    The high-speed internet:

The Charter Spectrum internet is not only fast but also very high performing. No matter how many devices you connect with the Spectrum router, you won’t find the issue of latency at all. Starting speed of service is more than 65Mbps, and the uploading speed of the internet begins from 20Mbps. With each service subscription, users will get free modem and installation.

•    No data caps:

There is no restriction in the data usage; users are allowed to do unlimited streaming, browsing and downloading without fearing to pay extra. Neither speed nor efficiency will be affected if the user goes overboard.

•   High coverage:

Unlike other providers, this cable company provides internet to 41 US states. Users can access the standard package tier and enjoy the best services by the best and highly rate ISP.

•    The high number of TV networks:

Users can access hundreds of TV channels in paying a very low rate. All TV networks are in high definition and can be watched any time. With on-demand content users can get entertained with more than 10,000 shows and movies.

•    The app:

The app allows you to enjoy more than 21 live channels at all time. Besides that, you can also watch on-demand content even if you are not at home.

•    Free DVR service:

DVR services allow you to record, rewind, forward, and stop the content whenever you want. You can avail free DVR service on 4 TV sets. Record up to 700 hours of content in DVR and enjoy at all times.

•    Phone features:

With more than 20 unique calling features, make free long and short distance calling. Features include call blocking, call waiting, and caller ID, etc. The calling price by Charter is as low as $5 for 72 countries.

•    Pricing:

Pricing is very simple and highly approachable. The company has put forward two easy plans that are double and triple play packages. Among the proposals, triple play package tiers are highly affordable and most preferred. Triple play package provides all three services in a standard bill each month per year.


•    Confused pricing

•    Inferior equipment

•    Some customer service concerns

Final Verdict:

Among all three Digital Service providers, Spectrum is highly advisable. The features that Spectrum is giving to its users are highly likable and much needed. With the Charter services, it is most probable that you are saving a right amount of money without compromising the quality of the digital services.


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Written by Louise Hudsan

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