Artificial Intelligence

Machines were initially invented and improved to make human life easy. But it seems that the reverse is happening. Instead of making life easy, they have started controlling our lives. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, our lifestyle and routine is dependent and in a way controlled by technology. Artificial intelligence is the modern revolution of machines. They are machines with intelligence, far better than other machines, like the Google duplex gives expressions like ‘hmmm’ & ‘ummm’. They can think and that is the problem. ‘Sophia’ the A.I humanoid robot of Hong Kong is able to give more than 50 facial expressions. Once in an interview it was asked “How will you look after Humans”. Sofia, the robot replied “I will keep the humans in people’s zoo? Sophia got worldwide attention because of this answer. She even got Dubai’s citizenship. Isn’t this scary? What more improvement do we need or are we waiting for the ‘Terminator scenario’ to become real? This is a futuristic nightmare. Even Elon Musk said in an interview “We need to stop improving them.” This is like a ticking time bomb. Humans will soon become weak and robots will take over the world. It is high time we give it a thought : do we need to halt or continue to go on.


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