5 Ways to Increase SMS Marketing Lists for your Business!

SMS marketing is a unique way to increase your business no matter how small or big it might be. However, are you focused on improving your SMS marketing list to make your business grow more effectively? Using the same list will not fetch you a lot of business leads. Given below are five simple SMS marketing list growth strategies to help you quickly increase your mass marketing list-

  • Join your SMS text with the main keyword- One of the best ways by which you can promote your brand and grow your SMS marketing list at the same time is by adding the main keyword in the text message. For instance, if the name of your company is Core, you may create a short message like Text Core for 10% discounts to (number). This means when the reader texts in the keyword Core to the number, they automatically get added to the SMS list group. They receive an acknowledgment message in return. This is a simple way for you to capture email contacts and their messages. You may be wondering where to place your keyword for building your list? The good news is you can place your keyword just about anywhere you wish. You may use your social media business accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You may use the message on any point of sales like a promotion or a mobile coupon. You may place it on your business website, advertisements on Google and Facebook. If you have booked TV or radio spots, use it there as well. You may promote your message on offline media, direct mail and postcards. Tradeshow signs and other displays are a good way to promote your message. In short, from the above, you are at liberty to post your call-to-action just about anywhere and increase your SMS marketing list to email contacts and their addresses.
  • Run an SMS contest for 48 hours-Another effective way for you to build your SMS marketing list is to run an SMS contest for 48 hours. You may either ask people to fill in a web form or ask them to send a mobile text message to a number to participate. In this way, you can capture many leads for your list. You may add a feature for the requirement as well. The people interested in joining the contest can add their email addresses. When the text in the keyword of your company, you are able to build your SMS marketing list as well as capture all the email addresses. The nature of the SMS contest can be in the form of raffles and sweepstakes.
  • Adding a popup to your business website- Esteemed companies in the field of SMS marketing like encourage clients to add popups to their business website. You may add the pop up to your blog as well. The popup software will display the text or the web form with the keyword. The message should have an incentive otherwise simply words like register with our mailing lists will never work. The incentive can be in the form of – download our free guide, get a discount, get a live demo with SMS, enter “text” for winning the contest, etc. There is credible software for popups available online. You may use reliable ones like OptinMonster to set up your popup to get started immediately.
  • Emailing your list-If you have already built an email list for your business; you can get more subscribers to it by sending them an email. You may do it with MailChimp or AWeber. Here you can broadcast and invite individuals to join a VIP SMS Contact List for attractive discounts, deals, offers and other perks. Here, the people in the group just have to text in your keyword to join the list. This gesture will help you add more and more subscribers. It will help you open up new channels of communication with them. You, in fact, get a 98% open rate when you use SMS marketing for promoting your business. This is indeed a very good figure for businesses irrespective of size and nature. With SMS marketing, people can read your messages faster. This means the next time you intend to inform your targeted audience about an announcement or an attractive message, just send them an SMS message with the latest offer.
  • Flyer print outs-If you have a store or physical business like a restaurant, you can build your SMS marketing list by handing out flyers to those that come to the store or restaurant. This step is a good way for you to build your business and increase online subscribers. You just have to print out an attractive flyer and hand it over to customers that enter the store. The flyer should have a call to action. It should contain a discount, offer, incentive, etc. Several resources on the Internet will help you create a good flyer template for your business. For instance, if you own a store for pets, you may distribute a flyer saying that if a customer enters your store, he or she will get a free dog chew bone. You can think of any offer that your present or potential customer might be interested in.

SMS marketing is an effective tool to market and promote your goods or services. If you are not embracing it today, you will be losing out on a large chunk of customers. In case, you are not aware of how to create an SMS marketing campaign effectively, take help from professional online marketing companies. They provide you with affordable rates for creating an SMS marketing campaign that is specifically customized for your business needs. Consult them and start building your SMS marketing list today. The professionals here will help you reach out to your targeted audience so that you establish your brand presence faster and get a strategic edge in the market with success.It is never too late to get started.

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