5 vital signs that indicate your AC needs repair

Regardless of what you may think, you can be sure of the fact that every now and then, a technician is needed to give your air conditioner the proper kickstart that it needs. No two ways about that, really. Some people even wait for as long as a year, only making sure that their AC gets an annual tune-up. While that may work in places that have a moderate climate, it is most certainly not the case in areas with a tropical climate where it remains hot the entire year around.

Having said that, it is only normal that machines tend to break down or suffer a minor setback every now and then. Plus you will know just how much your cooling system has packed up just by looking at its overall performance in the past couple of days. It pretty much goes without saying that you will be able to detect in a jiffy whether or not your AC is fully functional during a blazing hot summer day.

Regardless of whether you look for an Air Conditioning Service in Adelaide or anywhere else, there are a few key signs that one needs to look out for before it’s too late to do anything about your cooling unit. Here are the top five vital signs :-

Warm air instead of cold air: Now this is clearly one of the first signs that your cooling system is not functioning to its fullest capacity. This problem is quite common especially during the peak of summer. To prevent any further waste of electricity on your part, be sure to call an established AC service immediately.

Weak airflows: When the air coming from your vents is cool, but is not blowing freely from any of your air registers, you know that the problem is that of weak airflows. This could either be due to a clogged filter or even leaky air ducts. This problem certainly needs to be dealt with in time.

High-temperature swings: This usually tends to differ from room to room. One of the reasons could be the fact that it is sun-induced or it could be that your windows are not airtight. A professional technician will be able to determine the real cause by having a good look at the inner functioning of your AC unit.

Unusual sounds: Most of us are aware of all the normal sounds that our cooling system tends to make. Hence, the moment you happen to hear any unusual sounds, that should be the first indication that something is not quite right. Get hold of a technician as soon as possible in order to identify the source of the sounds.

Moisture or odours of any kind: The cause of this happening is most likely a leak in the outdoor compressor or even a broken/blocked drain tube, for that matter. Neglecting this problem initially can lead to a whole lot of costly repairs in the long run. The moment you notice the difference in humidity itself, you should go ahead and take the necessary action.

Finally, you need to remember that recognising the above five points is vital if you want to ensure that no lasting damage is done to your cooling system. It is as simple as that. After all, if you have been unlucky enough to detect the problem at a late stage where nothing can be done about it, you may very well have to buy a new cooling system and start from scratch.

Additionally, try and avoid doing any repairs by yourself, even if you have had experience with it in the past. Plus, dealing with the problems with your cooling system in a time-effective way will definitely ensure that you save a lot of time and money in the long run. Once things go wrong, not only will you spend time figuring out what went wrong, but a lot of money will go into additional repairs as well. You certainly need to keep that fact.


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