10 Best Tips For Software Developers To Improve Their Skillsets

Software developers in Melbourne constantly need to be improving on their skillsets. It’s not enough to simply rest on your laurels, and like many other industries, web and software development is constantly evolving, to the point where what was relevant even 18 months ago is suddenly superfluous. Below are ten tips that we think are critical for software developers to continue to grow their abilities.

1.Know How To Break Down A Problem

Software development can be a long, taxing process. As a result, it’s important to take your wins where you can get them. The best way to do this is by breaking down your overall problem into smaller tasks and get started on ticking those boxes. Before long, the whole thing will be done.

2.Start Offline

One thing that very few developers ever embrace is offline mapping. Preparation is key to success but doing this online can sometimes fall flat. Whether missing critical elements or getting distracted, move your work offline and improve the success of your projects.

3.Contribute to Open-Source

No matter what your language or preferred medium, get involved in the numerous open-source opportunities that exist. Not only do you get huge amounts of practice, but you also learn from some of the best developers around, finding simple tips and tricks to improve your own coding.

4.Keep Your Programming Simple

Don’t overcomplicate your code. The worse thing in the world for any developer is going into the code of someone else’s work and trying to decipher absolute gibberish. Keep it simple and know that you are not the last person looking at this coding.

5.Continue to Refine Your Code

Just like writing a book, a software developer needs to constantly review previous code and see if they can improve it in any way. While the goal, as above, is to deliver simple programming, the truth is that sometimes you can overlook simplicity for the sake of just getting the job done. Keep reviewing and think of everything being in draft form until final launch.

6.Lean on Reusable Code

The biggest trick in a software developer’s arsenal is reusable code. Having short, sharp stabs of code to throw in every project is a simple and effective trick to cut down on your overall development time. The only rule with this is to avoid trying to make everything reusable, as this can result in greater difficulties once launched.

7.Don’t Over- or Under-Test

Find the right balance between testing. Too much testing can delay the launch by weeks or months, while too little results in massive issues with the finished product. Each developer is different, meaning that this tip is unique to everyone; someone might need a lot of testing to get a proper amount, others might need not much. The trick is just to learn your limits and go from there.

8.Force Yourself To Deliver Smaller Benefits In Short Time Frames

One thing that poorer software developers do is underestimate how much time larger projects are likely to take. Instead of reviewing and quoting whole projects, break down your tasks into smaller chunks and estimate according to their situations. This way, you are more likely to be able to quote accurately and effectively.

9.Set Aside Coding Time

Software developers in Melbourne often struggle to appropriately prioritise their time. While they might think that they have eight hours a day to complete their tasks, if 2 hours are spent checking emails, 1 hour used for general browsing and another hour for lunch, you’ve just wasted half your day. Allocate time to work on pure coding, as your effectiveness and productivity will sky-rocket.


The most critical thing that we can encourage any software developer to do is to communicate with as many people as you can. While you might not think so, oversharing can be a godsend for the pressured service delivery manager, who can hide behind technical details for another day or two. Let your reports know what you’ve done, and the rest will take care of itself.

Find A Quality Software Developer in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a quality piece of software to be built, whether an app or tailored solution, find the right software developer in Melbourne who can help solve your problems. Make sure they can positively address each of these points listed above.


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Written by Emily Mario

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